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Chuck Skelton

I grew up in a poor home with a spiritually rich childhood. Beginning in my early boyhood I felt spiritually called to serve and help people. I followed my parent's religion as a way to fulfill that calling. Small town churches emotionally and spiritually fed me and encouraged me throughout my childhood and teen years.

Before I embraced my Blackfoot heritage and Indian ways, my life was centered in ministerial and psycho-therapeutic healing disciplines. After four years of Vietnam War era military service, I chose the path of education. I attended Central Methodist College, the University of Missouri, and Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. I acquired undergraduate and graduate degrees.  I am an ordained elder in the Community of Christ church. I have served as a pastor, educator, youth minister and musician of the church. For six years I was a graduate school seminary adjunct professor.


I served the Chicago area as a psychotherapist in private practice for over thirty years. I conducted personal growth workshops and spiritually focused workshops in the Midwest and nationally. I was a group facilitator trainer at a mid-west Human Potential center.   

Following my personal call to apprenticeship in medicine ways and years of dedicate work, I was blessed as a traditionally trained healer of Blackfoot Indian descent. In the early 1990's I was taken by my Blackfoot  teachers and initiated as a healer.

At that time I was instructed and blessed to teach these sacred Blackfoot ways to those Creator would bring to me. I founded Bear Spirit Medicine Lodge as my teaching Lodge. Bear Spirit Medicine Lodge evolved to become a non-profit community based in the Chicago area. Through this Lodge traditional Blackfoot ways are taught and community ceremony and rituals are offered. Currently my major work is with apprentices in the Chicago, IL. area, and the Raleigh/Durham, NC. area, with other individual apprentices in Paris, FR. Austin and San Antonio, TX. In the Chicago and Raleigh-Durham area I serve the public as a spiritual counselor, psychotherapist, teacher, ritualist and traditional healer as time allows. I make my home in Evanston, IL., where I can sit you if you make an advance appointment.

I am in the Raleigh/Durham, NC., area monthly, usually for five days. While in North Carolina I may be able to sit with you, usually, on Friday, if you make an appointment in advance.
I can be contacted for an appointment by telephone 847-869-2873 or by email  info@bearspiritmedicinelodge.org